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While dating Sonny, he had a changed personality, but he would rather choose himself over Sonny. In addition, in the same episode, when Chad and Sonny were fake dating, Chad said to put her head on his shoulder hinting that he likes her. As seen in further episodes, all of her co-stars are very fond of her. Work of Art and Sing My Song ft. She often pops out of nowhere, surprising her friends.

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Sonny begs Chad for Laker Tickets for herself, Tawni, and Hayden which she got after saying three nice things about him. Selena even kissed or pretended to kiss Chad because that was what she thought Sonny would do. Despite his egotistical and selfish behavior, Chad can be very caring and compassionate, mostly towards Sonny.

Sonny never was on the wall, though. In the first episode, when Sonny was called in to be on So Random!

Then Sonny's new blarmie ends up with a gross sandwich that Tawni retched on when it showed up in the mail at Sonny's apartment. He also comes up with very strange conclusions to certain situations. Chad tries to cover it up by saying he just wanted to try on the beard that went along with the Eric costume. The main character's name was later changed to Sonny Munroe, and the show's title was changed for a final time to Sonny with a Chance. Except when she performed the song for the first time, she noticed Chad was there and she couldn't do it.

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On the other hand, this was Demi Lovato's first on-screen kiss. Edit He usually wears the MacKenzie Falls cast uniform, but outside of the studio he dresses casually. Sonny is also known for meddling into things, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

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He is always striking out with the girls and has a crush on Mackenzie Falls star Penelope, who constantly turns him down when he asks her out. Originally Lovato auditioned with Bridgit Mendler for the role, but Lovato was chosen.

He loves to eat and hates exercising. She was also failing math, and was kicked off of one sketch when she was caught cheating. He has a big brother named Grant who is in college and is the leader of his own fraternity.

Nico and Grady come into the apartment to help Sonny get back in. It is shown that he still has feelings for Sonny in the episode after they split. Chad breaks open Sonny's door and accidentally damages it when he heard a phone call from Sonny this happened when her phone went down the drain. He is stubborn, egotistical, pampered, and self-centered, but he has a soft side, which he usually only shows to Sonny. Under the pressure, Sonny and Hayden are forced to kiss, geschwindigkeitsmesser online dating making Tawni furious.